by megawave

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released March 20, 2015

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Harold Bon at The Lodge in Athens, OH.



all rights reserved


megawave Ohio

everybody's out

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Track Name: Bite Your Tongue
bite yer tongue until you bleed
tell yer friends you'll never leave
shy away in innocence
constrained by your ignorance

bit yer tongue until you bleed
Track Name: Dirt
do you ever miss the smell of the dirt under your nails?
or digging them into the earth?
feeling grounded in your
existence, but not so much anymore
i know how it feels
digging into the earth
dirt beneath your nails
Track Name: NS1
we all stare at the same sun
leave it up to you when to look away
blind your eyes
wont disappear
still feel the heat
from where you stand

festered head turned down
hoping this is a phase i cant shake the sound
starry eyes shit brown
i'll loosen my grip and watch myself drown
Track Name: Casper
didn't mean to die
not like i was good at living anyways
i called your name the night before
i fell off of the earth

white noise and static filling in your ears
sensing me the louder that you hear
i'm with you now
if only
as a sound

speaking in to the wind